Think of me like the Rip to your John Dutton a la Yellowstone—

Let us handle herding automation hook-ups & the messy tech clean-up.

You go actually RUN the business.

and I’m obsessed with providing tailored systems solutions & fractional Chief Tech Officer insight for digital entrepreneurs like you.

Business is well-wielded risk, of course.

But—the project manager in me can’t help it—I prefer to minimize risk where I can for my clients.

And if you’re not using your current tech stack to its fullest potential, you’re basically just lighting your hard-earned money on fire …

Instead, let’s explore how an effective, whip-smart tech strategy can be the catalyst for the entire course of your small business.

You need a partner who can stay on top of shifting tech trends & corral apps with prowess, to keep your marketing funnels accelerating forward.

Nuno M. Tavares stands at the forefront of digital innovation as the visionary behind Automated Marketer, a flourishing YouTube channel and video podcast that doubles as a hub for coaching and consulting in marketing technology and AI. His journey, deeply rooted in a 25-year tenure in the corporate world, has seen him excel with a diverse clientele, including giants like Brinks, Simon Property Group, Aramark, Sodexho, Bank of America, and Capital One. Nuno’s remarkable career trajectory has seen him lead teams ranging from small groups to over a thousand, earning accolades in senior and directorial roles. However, his true pride lies in the tangible results and far-reaching impact he’s made, irrespective of team size.

Parallel to his corporate success, Nuno cultivated a passion for technology and marketing. This dual interest initially manifested as a local go-to service for tech repairs, from computers to cell phones, eventually evolving into a full-fledged expertise in website building, design, and automation. This path led to the creation of Rapid Active Marketing, Nuno’s agency renowned for its “Done for You” services. Under his guidance, Rapid Active Marketing has served thousands of clients, tailoring solutions to their unique digital needs.

Nuno’s latest venture, Automated Marketer, marks a significant evolution in his career. This platform, both a YouTube channel and a video podcast, has become a cornerstone in the field of marketing technology and AI education. With over 10,000+ students trained and a rapidly growing audience, Automated Marketer provides a treasure trove of educational videos. These resources are meticulously designed to propel businesses and individuals forward, offering insights into Automation, Funnels, Web Design, Digital Marketing Technology, Software, and Productivity. The channel specializes in various online marketing tools and software, including GoHighLevel, WordPress, Zapier, and Google Workspace, focusing on efficiency, cost reduction, and tool consolidation to benefit businesses.

Nuno’s unwavering commitment to his craft is encapsulated in his ethos: he doesn’t quit, and he’s equally determined to ensure his audience doesn’t either. Subscribing to Automated Marketer isn’t just a click; it’s a leap towards advanced business skills, keeping subscribers abreast of the latest advancements in automation and marketing technology. Nuno M. Tavares continues to be a pivotal figure in the realm of digital marketing, blending his corporate experience, technological acumen, and educational zeal to inspire and drive transformative growth.

“Nuno is a walking Zapier—he is the tech-stack whisperer.”

“I’ve been in digital marketing for more than a decade and never seen anything like it. He worked harder for my business than I do. Do you know how difficult that is to find in outsourcing ANYTHING in your business?”

Ashlyn | Owner & Copywriter, Ashlyn Writes

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When taking you from data drift to lock-step tech—

We tend to do our best work with clients who share a fellow *fist pump* with our core values

Keep consistent forward motion.

Do what you say you will do.

Stay humble, stay hungry.

Remember whether good or bad, “this too shall pass.” (Sage wisdom for tech explosions and life in general.)

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Nuno Tavares, digital marketing expert

“I think I’m going to need to add people to my team to handle the amount of leads I’m getting!”

“I can already see big things happening, all thanks to Nuno!”

-Tanya Endicott, Real Estate Agent | Dallas, Tex.

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