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Rev up stalled out, dead-end funnels

Get your tech apps Growing in one direction with our suite of services

Option 1 |

1-on-1 Consulting

Unwind whatever chaos you’ve gotten yourself into. I’ll tell you and your team what to do, and provide a plan of action for getting unraveled. Re-architect your automations to fire with pinpoint precision, knowing every trigger is expert-approved.

Book this when …

  • Your bloated tech stack is costing you money … you know there’s overlap on services, just aren’t sure what to cut first
  • Your stud team could manage things like a boss—if they were just handed a system that wasn’t held together by duct tape (whoops)
  • It’s been a minute since someone checked all the automations, and now, your tech needs a protein shake-shot of energy
  • You’ve said “I feel like this could be automated” in the last month … yes, it probably could, and I’ll tell ya what to do

Option 2 |

Coaching & Consulting For Groups

You’ve got a community, mastermind, or group that you love to serve—except when the tech questions start. They’re ALL over the place when it comes to their marketing software stacks & questions … and while you know enough to be dangerous, it’d be nice to stay in your lane & bring in a tech expert.

Bring me in for one-off specific training, ask-me-anything sessions, or simply on-call support for your crew.

Book this when …

  • You head up a mastermind—and don’t want to spend your time in the weeds talking about tech set-up
  • You need specific training on a certain automation process or software
  • You’d love to offer your folks monthly ask-me-anything sessions to iron out the tech kinks … YOU just don’t want to be the one answering questions
  • It’s time to level-up your group and provide on-call tech support so they can implement what you’re teaching

Option 3 |

Done-For You Services

Thinking “Screw this, I just want to hand it all off so someone else can fix it?” Step into my agency’s office—at Rapid Active, we build custom technology to your needs & teach you how to use it moving forward.

Book this when …

  • That sales funnel is gathering dust—or needs an infrastructure glow-up
  • Chat bots, auto-responders, mini-course bots oh-my—you need to tee up specific messages for your offers
  • Software migration is on deck, but you don’t have the bandwidth to process it
  • Your laundry list of tweaks to make inside your funnel is longer than your physical laundry pile