H E Y , E N T R E P R E N E U R S :

Your “what if we built _____ dreams, visionary plans, & strategic ideas are awesome.

BUT, if you don’t know how to make the tech talk and row in one direction … those visions will never get liftoff.

And that’s precisely why I do what I do.

I’m Nuno,

fractional Chief Tech Officer & Marketing Automations Expert at your service.

And if you’re looking to rev-up stalled out, dead-end funnels, and go from short-circuited to short-CUT automations, you’re in the right place.

Because with false promises, red flag “advice,” toxic deals, over-priced services …

… the current marketing landscape kinda sucks sometimes.

I don’t need to go on—you’ve seen it, you’ve lived it.

Most entrepreneurs get left in the dust, and well, sometimes you can’t blame them. It’s an exhausting gig … even before the job description turns tech-savvy.

But your marketing automations are too important to be left up to chance (& virtual duct tape).

After all, those are your hard-earned leads, customers, and clients. They deserve the best, cleanest, and most high-touch branded experience possible.

Your next Chief Tech Marketing Officer is in the house to get that on track—

let’s talk about how we can work together.

Rev up stalled out, dead-end funnels

Get your tech apps Growing in one direction with our suite of services

Option 1 |

1-on-1 Consulting

Unwind whatever chaos you’ve gotten yourself into. I’ll tell you and your team what to do, and provide a plan of action for getting unraveled. Re-architect your automations to fire with pinpoint precision, knowing every trigger is expert-approved.

Book this when …

  • Your bloated tech stack is costing you money … you know there’s overlap on services, just aren’t sure what to cut first
  • Your stud team could manage things like a boss—if they were just handed a system that wasn’t held together by duct tape (whoops)
  • It’s been a minute since someone checked all the automations, and now, your tech needs a protein shake-shot of energy
  • You’ve said “I feel like this could be automated” in the last month … yes, it probably could, and I’ll tell ya what to do

Option 2 |

Coaching & Consulting For Groups

You’ve got a community, mastermind, or group that you love to serve—except when the tech questions start. They’re ALL over the place when it comes to their marketing software stacks & questions … and while you know enough to be dangerous, it’d be nice to stay in your lane & bring in a tech expert.

Bring me in for one-off specific training, ask-me-anything sessions, or simply on-call support for your crew.

Book this when …

  • You head up a mastermind—and don’t want to spend your time in the weeds talking about tech set-up
  • You need specific training on a certain automation process or software
  • You’d love to offer your folks monthly ask-me-anything sessions to iron out the tech kinks … YOU just don’t want to be the one answering questions
  • It’s time to level-up your group and provide on-call tech support so they can implement what you’re teaching

Option 3 |

Done-For You Services

Thinking “Screw this, I just want to hand it all off so someone else can fix it?” Step into my agency’s office—at Rapid Active, we build custom technology to your needs & teach you how to use it moving forward.

Book this when …

  • That sales funnel is gathering dust—or needs an infrastructure glow-up
  • Chat bots, auto-responders, mini-course bots oh-my—you need to tee up specific messages for your offers
  • Software migration is on deck, but you don’t have the bandwidth to process it
  • Your laundry list of tweaks to make inside your funnel is longer than your physical laundry pile

Not sure WHAT you need? Or if you’re doing things right? I’ll shoot you straight.

Fill out this application, and I’ll tailor your tech action plan with my best recommendations for next steps.


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